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Family Share


Each Wednesday from May through September we will provide you with a box of organically grown fruit and vegetables harvested from our fields and orchards. 

We are offering two share sizes:

Individual or Couple Share– enough for one person or a couple 

Family Share – enough for a small family

A detailed list of product availability will be available on our website. 

Pickup or Delivery 

Pickup– On Wednesday from 4:00-6:00 p.m. boxes will be available for pickup from our truck at Centennial Park.  Those who miss the pick-up or who cannot pick up at that time can collect their share from the farm. 

Delivery– For a nominal extra charge we will deliver your share to your home anywhere on Salt Spring Island. 

Health and Food Safety

We believe that local products grown on the island are healthier and safer than those being shipped in from elsewhere. We also know that under current circumstances farmers must act with extreme caution and care. We are working to create protocols for handling and distributing our farm food to minimize concerns. Although we have endeavored to eliminate plastic bags, with the current health crisis we have no choice but to use plastic bags for any items that cannot be peeled or cooked. All packaging and preparing of boxes will be done using “Food Safe” protocols with disposable gloves and masks, and all staff will be screened for health issues. Our delivery option and online payment system allow food to arrive at your doorstep without any human contact.


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