Community Supported Agriculture


Unlike many CSA’s where the produce is chosen for you and requires that you collect and pay whether you are at home or away, our CSA is full choice, is available only when you need it, and operates as a “debit-style” system. You can choose the amount you’d like to prepay ($300, 400, or $500), your pick-up location, and only the products you want and need.

Full Choice CSA

or contact Michael Ableman m.ableman@fieldsofplenty.com

Your CSA credit can be used to select our fresh farm products either at the Tuesday or Saturday farmers markets. Each time you choose your food we deduct the value of your selection from your total. You need not worry about bringing cash or missing a weekly basket if you go on vacation, and you have the option to stock up on your favorite items.

To honor your commitment to the farm, you receive an additional 15% credit ($500 becomes $575) which we add to your total every time you make a deposit into your Foxglove Farm CSA account. Also, every time you “tell a friend” about the CSA program, and they become a member, $10 is added to your account.

So that you know how to plan your weekly shopping and menus we will email you our weekly produce availability list each Sunday.


And of course you are welcome to come visit us, take a self-guided tour, and connect with the land and the people who are growing your food.